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Let’s start-

Let’s start-

in New Delhi, India.

Who would have imagined that I’d be able to visit such a beautiful country. It’s only day 6 of our India on a shoe string and it seems like I am falling I love with this country even more.

New Delhi was the first stop- a hot, messy, chaotic, noisy, vibrant and all kind of crazy city. Imagine curry for breakfast? Yes- curry, it was a memorable experience but don’t worry the Delhi belly hasn’t gotten to me yet. Nevertheless, I am ready for that- I’m an ITU nurse anyway.  Haha

The city is buzzing with a number of amazing markets selling a range of stuff from spices, linen, Indian clothings to western clothings. What made our experience at the Sarojini market better was when we met three beautiful Indian school kids .They first approached us and in an instant we became friends.



Vanshika, Mamta and Mansa were their names- they helped us haggle our way through the market as if we were locals. Without them we would have probably paid more than what the item was worth- but I guess thats okay as a few extra rupees wouldn’t hurt.


Travelling around Delhi wasn’t such a problem since their metro system works like any other underground, tube stations or metro stations in the world. Everything is clearly labelled in Hindi and English. Uber is also available- for lazy people like us or if you are someone who doesn’t like the idea of walking under a scorching heat.  As such we decided to opt for this option on our way back to the hotel.


Or if you are a bit adventurous and spontaneous and likes to experience India more then you can also ride on a tuktuk which is an affordable yet loud dodging mode of transport around India.

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I travelled with my Vegan friend/photographer/choreographer/vain friend- Kzell. Food was not a problem since most Hindi people are vegetarian. Eating meat is not advisable when travelling around India, however there are restaurants that serves meat- just make sure you check out the restaurants on websites such as tripadvisor before going. Or if there is a lot of people eating and the place is buzzing with people.

As I have mentioned before- we had curry for breakfast on our first day. We also had it for lunch and for dinner (see photos below). Kzell has dared me to go vegan/vegetarian and so far I have not had meat. Food in india is amazing and I highly recommend you trying dosa, pani puri and chana masala.


See you on my next post!

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal