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Late post- Mumbai (October 20- 21).

Late post- Mumbai (October 20- 21).

Im sorry I was not able to appreciate you that much. Maybe because we got to Mumbai around 7am from taking the sleeper train from Ahmdebabad (on the night of Diwali- that is why it probably less busy as everyone was celebrating). All we wanted was to take a shower but we couldn’t as our rooms were not ready till 13:00 and our in-depth slums tour started at 9:00.

The sleeper train was an unforgettable experience. A lot of the people from the group were very anxious and was panicking about the train due to some chinese whispers about how unsafe the train was for women. It didn’t help that our sleeper beds were distributed in different carriages. Our CEO felt as if he was responsible for how some of the people in our group was feeling. He did try to assure everyone that there should be nothing to worry about however some were still worried and anxious. Me and Kzell were on a carriage with other passengers on our own and we didn’t mind. I even remember waking up way past midnight seeing DJ and he was reassuring me saying- ‘Everything’s okey Mikki’ and he then switched the lights off for me. He probably didn’t sleep worrying about everyone. I really feel sorry for him. For such a little time he gained our trust and we knew that he wouldn’t bring us somewhere that would cause us harm. I wished that people would have trusted him more. Nonetheless, me and Kzell still enjoyed the ride and slept like babies. Maybe because we are spontaneous and positive people who likes to see the good in everything.


When we got to Mumbai, we did the two hour slums tour of Dharavi- the plastic yard. Others may disagree with this but I think that it will give you a better insight of how the people in the slums live. It will give you awareness about poverty, what their actual needs are and how tour agencies like Reality Tours and Travel gives back to their community. 80% of their profit are used to fund schools and workshops to enable them to learn skills which will be beneficial for them. Like Jitu said- The slum is not a place of despair but hope.


We then did a city tour of Mumbai via taxi’s. They stopped at different locations such as the Dhobi ghat, Hanging garden, Ghandi’s house, Jain Temple and Mumbai Fort. We didn’t enjoy this as much as it felt like it was rushed and we haven’t had enough sleep. I wished that we had more time in Mumbai as there as so many things to see and experience.


The night ended with a dinner with everyone at Leopold Cafe. The cafe served different dishes ranging from Chinese, Italian and Indian. What made the night fun was when they played songs from the 90s such as macarena and barbie girl. Everyone sang and danced. This was our last night with the group as we parted ways with them the next morning. Here is a photo of me, Kzell and DJ (our CEO). We couldn’t thank him enough for making our Gadventures india on a shoe string trip amazing as we fell inlove with India!

Old town Riga, Latvia

Old town Riga, Latvia

Rural India- Tordi Sagar

Rural India- Tordi Sagar